Buying Property In Croatia With Knez Croatia real Estates

Knez Croatia is a real estate specialist for properties in Croatia in the major tourist and holiday areas like Dubrovnik and Istria. Our properties for sale are located across Dalmatia and Istria region including the cities Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rovinj, and the islands like Korčula, Brač, and Hvar. We have successfully handled many purchases of Croatia properties, especially in the South Dalmatia - Dubrovnik property real estate, and Central Dalmatia - Split property real estate for sale.

Buying Property In Croatia

Buying Property In Croatia – Dalmatia Region

Dalmatia is home to some of the most stunning sceneries and sunny weather days found anywhere in Europe. With Croatia becoming ever more popular as an Adriatic holiday destination, interest in buying property in Croatia, especially in Dalmatia, has also risen quite suddenly in the last few years. To own the real estate in this region is much appreciated due to its increasing value and truly dramatic landscape with crystal-clear seas, lush islands, well-preserved Roman ruins, and medieval walled cities. The most popular real estate properties for sale in Croatia are around the cities Split and Dubrovnik.

Featured Dubrovnik Property For Sale

Dubrovnik is a busy yachting destination with its own international airport. We are constantly updating our listing for seashore real estate villas and apartments in the Dubrovnik area with a sea view or near the Old Town Dubrovnik. It is the most popular tourist destination in Croatia as the city has a rich medieval history and a clean Mediterranean sea. Take a look at our range of Dubrovnik real estate, with commercial and private properties for sale.

Buying Property In Croatia

Featured Split Croatia Real Estate Properties

Split-Dalmatia County is of real interest for people buying a property in Croatia. Surrounded by natural islands, beautiful pebbles, and sand beaches, olive groves, and vineyards, this is a charming area sat between the Northern and South Dalmatia. If you are looking for a family-friendly place with a Mediterranean climate, to buy a property in Croatia in Split is an amazing choice for you!

Buying Property In Croatia – Istria Region

Istria is a heart-shaped piece of heaven on the Adriatic. Apart from it being absolutely stunning in the way of natural surroundings, Istria is due to its geographical position very well connected with the neighboring countries. Access to the Istria region is also improved with the highway, reducing drive times from the bigger Croatian cities like Zagreb and Split,

Luxury Croatia Apartments For Sale In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is experiencing strong demand on a real estate market from both local and foreign investors, especially in the city center of Old Town for rental purposes. Find luxury Dubrovnik apartments for sale with the leading real estate in Croatia and go through the buying process with ease. Here are the listings with the detailed property features and prices for apartments in Dubrovnik.

Apartment in Dubrovnik Old Town

Apartments Split Croatia For Sale

Traditional stone houses and charming apartments for sale in Split Croatia, especially around the Roman palace are sought after by foreign investors. When you are looking for an apartment in a seaside town like Split you can choose between Croatian apartment with a sea view, a provincial apartment nestled into the hillsides, excellent build quality apartments placed close to the sea, or right on the beach next to the crystal clear Adriatic sea.

Croatia Apartments For Sale

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How To Find Hotels For Sale In Croatia?

We have a specialized team of real estate professionals ready to help you to find a hotel for sale in Croatia. We are offering you a selection of small to large-sized hotels for sale, restaurants, bars, and other commercial properties located in Croatia. Our listing of hotels for sale in Croatia is unique and carefully filtered from budget real estate to boutique hotels that are privately owned and international chains. We offer professional advice, maintaining confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Three Main Criteria When Looking For Hotel For Sale Croatia

1. Proximity of the hotel

Hotels that offer the best locations tend to have higher occupancy rates and profitability. Small hotels for sale in Dalmatia are conveniently located in attractive places, either by the seashore or nearby the city center to attract customers. Hotels located by the sea, usually have private beaches and other watersports amenities. Hotels, apart from the sun and the sea, might have easy access to other attractions, or proximity to the airport.

2. Hotel type to identify the right target

Hotel chains and small hotels for sale have distinguished offers. Some of them are holding on to the basic offer of accommodation and food, others can offer various entertainment facilities such as private beache2, lounge bars, concept stores, indoor swimming pools, etc. Although you can’t impress everyone, appealing to the specific type of tourist will go a long way to influence their decision-making.

3. Value for money

Contact the right professionals in the real estate Croatia industry to see what opportunities are out there. Travelers want the best value for what they are paying. Are you interested in benefits from tourism? A proper pricing strategy is important when looking for a hotel for sale in Croatia to stay competitive with other hotels in the tourism sector.

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Build Your Dream Property

Are you looking to buy Croatian land for sale or a seafront land plot for bigger or smaller investments? Search our database and find your perfect land for sale in Croatia. We offer the best plots on Croatian islands for sale at amazing natural locations to suit your needs. If you are looking for a building land with a possibility to build a villa, house, apartment you are in the right place. We also offer the best plots on Croatian islands for sale at amazing natural locations to suit your needs.

Land For Sale Croatia

Land For Sale Croatia

Croatian Islands For Sale

The Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea is the largest archipelago with 718 islands, 389 islets, and 78 reefs. From more than a thousand islands and islets in Croatia, only 66 islands are inhabited. We invite you to discover Croatian islands for sale. When you invest in your private land plot on the island, you can enjoy its full beauty, mild climate weather, crystal clear seawater, and virgin nature.

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Investment Projects In Croatia

If you’re looking for property investment in Croatia, reach out and let us know what your requirements are and we will try our best to source what you’re looking for. Over the years we have built a private network of local contacts to remain informed and up to date with new opportunities for investment in Croatia. Find the best investment property Croatia: island plots, ports, and investment lands.

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Croatia Houses For Sale In Southern Dalmatia

Dubrovnik area is the southernmost county of Croatia. We have a large selection of houses for sale in Dubrovnik, the city located by the Adriatic sea. This region is full of wonders surrounded by crystal-clear waters. When you become a property owner in Dubrovnik, you can spend days at the beach or enjoy daily walks through the historical streets of the picturesque Old Town. Dubrovnik has beautiful landscapes and Mediterranean local cuisine with plenty of authentic restaurants so the city never gets boring or leaves you hungry.

House- Homes For Sale

Looking For Houses For Sale In Dubrovnik?

Buy your ideal house in Dubrovnik at your most favorable and interesting location in the city. Do you need house prices in Croatia? Contact us and specify your desired house on the beach for sale or inland. In the Dubrovnik real estate market, there has been a rapid increase in the investments of foreign and domestic investors. The demand is growing with tourism as the most attractive investment segment.

Croatia Houses For Sale In The Central Dalmatia

Split is the biggest city in the Central Dalmatia region where modern and ancient are perfectly blended. Its rich cultural history and heritage sites are older than 1700 years and protected by UNESCO. When you become a property owner in Split, you get numerous possibilities of enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the views over the Dalmatian archipelago.  When you are located in Split, you can have daily excursions to the beautiful spots on the Dalmatian coast and islands Brač, Hvar, Vis, Šolta, and Korčula.

Split Houses For Sale With Sea View

Are you looking for houses for sale in Croatia by the sea? Split is one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean with the busy tourist season and has many houses for sale with sea views. It is well connected as it has its own airport, local taxi service, rail terminal, motorway, and highway infrastructure. We offer a wide range of houses and villas for sale in Croatia. You can pick a modern apartment or Mediterranean stone house at your desired location in the city of Split or its surrounding residential area.


House- Homes For Sale

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