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The city of Pula, located in the south of the Istrian peninsula is one of the most historic cities in Croatia. Also known as a cultural monument, this timeless city stands as one of the top tourist locations in all of Croatia. With its historical beginnings in Roman antics, the city of Pula is probably the most expensive city on the Adriatic coast in terms of real estate. Whether you are looking for residential property (family house/apartment), a commercial property, a renovation project, or construction land, this fascinating city will not leave you without options!


For a residential property (apartment/family house) in a new building, you will have to set aside a minimum of 2000 euros per m2 and if you want to invest in a project the necessary renovation prices will be significantly higher.  Due to the exceptional location and the multitude of old buildings to choose from, Pula is a location of exceptional value, known for its famous Austro-Hungarian style architecture, this city is far ahead of the others on this peninsula. If you decide to invest in a luxury property, you will definitely invest in the future. With prices constantly rising, the city of Pula has historically high prices which means that over time your investment value will increase and your capital will not only return but also potentially doubled!


By collaborating with the Croatia Real Estates agency, you will gain access to a rich database of residential, commercial, and construction real estate and have the opportunity to work with a team of professionals and secure a lucrative investment.


Learn how to become the owner of a luxury property in Pula and secure an investment that you will not regret, by contacting our team from the leading real estate agency in Croatia. Follow our page for more information and news in the future!

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