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What are the most famous cities in Dalmatia?

Probably the most famous and well known cities in Dalmatia are Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik due to their great historical background dating all the way to Roman Empire.

What is Dalmatia famous for?

Dalmatia is mostly famous for its stunning shore, stunning beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Due to centuries of ancient history and being under the Roman and Austrian-Hungarian empire, Dalmatia is well enriched with stunning architecture. As well, wine and gastronomy are well known to be one of Dalmatia's proud assets.

What is the best Dalmatian food?

Dalmatia is known as the gastronomy heaven and therefore ideal for all food lovers out there. Probably the most famous Dalmatian dishes include a lot of fresh fish, meat, and vegetables made under the peak (stone oven). Some of the most known dishes are black risotto, prosciutto, oysters, traditional Pag cheese, barbecued fish, Soparnik, Pašticada, Buzara, and Brudet.

What is the price of fish in Dalmatia?

The price of fish depends on its type, place of buying and freshness. There are few local fisherman's markets in coastal Croatia where you can buy fresh fish like sardines for 20 HRK, lockers for 30 HRK, octopus 80 to 100 HRK, cuttlefish 80 to 100 kunas, fresh squid 120 to 150 kuna, and prawns HRK 60. Prices in the restaurants differ depending on the type of the restaurant and location. You could find a fresh fish dish (250 grams) in between 50-120 HRK.