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Why is Dubrovnik famous?

The city of Dubrovnik also known as The Pearl of Dalmatia is not only famous for its ancient history, but also for its timeless construction of its fortress city. Build as a city-harbor Dubrovnik stands as one of the most solid, timeless constructions on the entire Croatian coast. Along with that, Dubrovnik has become a heritage cradle for literature, art, gastronomy, and architecture in Croatia. Hosting thousands of tourists each year, Dubrovnik is also known to be a centerpiece for stunning and exotic-looking nature. One of the interesting things Dubrovnik is also known for is the fortress used in the blockbuster series The Game of Thrones, which brought huge popularity to the city's tourism.

Is Dubrovnik cheap for a living?

Dubrovnik is not a cheap city for life. In fact, it's known to be one, or perhaps the most expensive city in entire Croatia. With high living standards, increasing prices in real estate, and gastronomy Dubrovnik has become the most luxurious city to live in.

Is living in Dubrovnik better than living in Split?

It's a hard tie between these two great cities, but hands down Dubrovnik is way more expensive than Split.

Are there beaches in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik and its county is well known to have some of the most stunning beaches in Croatia. Some of the most prominent are Banje Beach, Sunset Beach, Beach Sveti Jakov, Betina Cave Beach, Old Town Beaches (Bard Mala Buza & Buza Beach), Coral Beach Club, Šulić Beach, and Bellevue Beach.

What food is Dubrovnik known for?

Dubrovnik is historically known for its amazing cuisine and being one of the 5 cities in Croatia owning a Michelin star restaurant. The most typical food know to be a great spot to eat it’s traditional black risotto (black ink comes from a well now cuttlefish from the Adriatic sea), mussels alla buzara (mussels prepared in a white wine sauce), dalmatian peka (veggies and meat baked, not in the oven but under the hot, iron bell), pašticada (a slow-cooked beef prepared in rich tomato sauce, usually served with gnocchi or homemade pasta) and rozata ( a medieval dessert halfway between creme brulee and flan) and of course a great offer of stunning southern dalmatian wines.

How much is a cup of coffee in Dubrovnik?

Sipping a cup of coffee in Dubrovnik could be quite expensive nowadays. Depending on where you sit, usually prices vary from 3-7€, depending on which type of coffee you are drinking.

Is food expensive in Dubrovnik?

The gastronomy in Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the most expensive in the whole of Croatia, being mostly compared to Vienna, Austria. If you are buying in small local markets probably you could get food much cheaper, compared to bigger food chains such as Konzum, etc.

How much is a bottle of water in Dubrovnik?

Bottled water you can find from 1€ for 1 liter in a supermarket, while in a restaurant the same will be 3€.

What are the parking prices in Dubrovnik?

The prices for parking in Dubrovnik could be quite pricey! For one hour you will pay around 2€. Parking near Old town in Dubrovnik is around 10€.

Are restaurants in Dubrovnik expensive?

Gastronomy in Dubrovnik is known to be one of the most expensive in entire Croatia. Dubrovnik stands as one of the 5 Michelin restaurants in entire Croatia, followed by fellow restaurants in Istria, Šibenik, and Zagreb. Apart from that, this everlasting city has become a real luxury spot for all gastronomy lovers in the past decade, making it one of the most expensive cities to ''dine out'' in Croatia.