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Welcome to the island of Brač, one of the sunniest and largest islands in the central part of the Adriatic Sea! With beautiful nature and many cultural and historical sights, this stunning island is also a real center for tourists and real estate buyers. With an increased emphasis on luxury real estate, building land, and residential houses either for rent or living, Brač is one of the most desirable island destinations. Located near other island giants such as Korčula, Mljet, and Hvar, it is an ideal opportunity for a long-term investment!


Croatia Real Estates offers a wide choice of residential, commercial, and construction land and ranks the island of Brač as one of the most current island places to buy or build real estate. With our rich database of deals and prices, you will also be able to find projects for renovation, such as old stone houses of high cultural value.


With the current status of one of the most luxurious places to buy real estate, Brač will be an ideal place for all those investors who are willing to invest a long-termly! As one of the top destinations in the entire Adriatic, the island of Brač is probably the best location for all those buyers willing to invest in an apartment complex or renovation project due to the exceptional emphasis on tourism in this part of the Adriatic coastline.


Explore this exceptional island by contacting the Croatia Real Estates agency and seal the deal with the property of your dreams as soon as possible!

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  • Where should I live on Brac?

    When considering living on the island of Brač, then we would recommend the town of Supetar, Milna, Poster, and Sumartin.

  • Which is better - Brac or Hvar?

    Both islands are amazing but when it comes to living Brač is slightly less expensive than Hvar, and also the largest island in Croatia making it more modern (Brač has its own airport) and it's easily accessible by ferry with Split and land.

  • Which is better - Brac or Korcula?

    Acording to Numbeo, worlds largest internet base for costs of living, shows the price difference between Brac and Korcula. Korcula is slightly cheaper to live at when compared to Brac. Both have the same low crime and violence rate. Brac has more tourist in its high season therefore Korcula will provide more prinacy and tranquility, if that’s what you are looking for.

  • What is Brac known for?

    Brač is mostly known for its famous white Brač stone and its beautiful sandy beach called Zlatni Rat in the town of Bol.

  • How far is Brac from Split?

    Brač from Split is only separated 30 min by ferry.

  • Is there a car ferry from Brac to Hvar?

    Yes, from the port in Split you can travel by car by ferry to the island of Brač.

  • Which island in Croatia is the best for a living?

    It's hard to choose just one because there are many equally good islands that we would recommend living at. Some of them are Hvar, Brač, Rab and Korčula.

  • Is there a car ferry from Brac to Dubrovnik?

    Yes, there is a ferry line from Brac to Dubrovnik and it runs 2 journeys per day, in total 14 times per week from Bol (Brac). In the low season, this route does not run. Journey time is between 3 hours 45 minutes and 4 hours 40 minutes depending on the route.

  • How far is Dubrovnik from Brač?

    The car ride journey from Brac to Dubrovnik is estimated to be 4 h and 40 min approximately.

  • Is there a car ferry from Split to Brac?

    There is a ferry line from Bol, Brac to Split and it lasts approximately 1 hr 45 min (34.1 km). It is run by Jadrolinija and it has 14 journeys per day.

  • Is Brac expensive?

    Even though the high season, starting from May to September the prices go extremely up, throughout the rest of the year Brac is still an affordable place to be at. Depending on where you go, you can get by on around €45 to €105 per day.

  • How much does a bottle of wine cost on Brac?

    Depending on your preferences and taste in wine, the prices can vary. You can easily get the cheapest 1l bottle in the supermarket for about 50 kunas, and a bottle of fine wine in a restaurant for a couple of hundreds of kunas.

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