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Buy a holiday home in Croatia

Searching for a vacation spot? For those who are searching to buy a holiday home in Croatia, make sure you do your homework and explore what’s on the market. Holiday homes are very deeply indented into Croatian culture, as Croatians are very much private home lovers rather than going into hotels etc. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, before you make any serious moves to buy a holiday home in Croatia, make sure you know the background of the property you are investing in.
Depending on what your preferences, and desires are there Croatia real estate has a lot to offer. From constructing lands, to luxurious villas and apartments with the most amazing sea view you could wish for. Known for its beautiful and indented Adriatic coast, with more than a thousand islands, amazing nature, history, and culture, Croatia proudly stands as one of the most desirable locations for buying real estate. Due to the increased inflation rate growth, which pushes investors into the real estate business, Croatia is an ideal location for buying and renting luxury properties and buying holiday homes! From continental Croatia to the sea Knez Croatia Real Estates agency offers you a wide selection of properties to fit your budget and dreams!

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Buy an old house in Croatia by the sea

If you are into restoration and have a great love for buying older homes and then fitting them acording to your desires, then you might be interested in knowing how to buy an old house in Croatia by the sea. When buying a house that’s older than 20 years and perhaps is a site of cultural heritage, there are some important things to consider before buying.
A large selection of old houses can also be found on the Adriatic coast and islands. There are especially prominent stone houses, extremely valuable for their quality, and authenticity, and therefore are a very popular choice today.
When you have already decided to buy a house that is more than twenty years old, that is, an old building, you will be glad to know that it brings its advantages. Buying an older house or real estate has a certain charm – the atmosphere of the home, interesting history, and a cheaper price. It’s ideal, isn’t it? Apart from the fact that very often moving into an older house is relatively faster than in a new building, most older houses come with a garden. There are some disadvantages of course but overall the Croatian market is full f exciting projects like this!
Whether you decide to go for a residential home older than 20 years or a piece of architecture that is considered to be cultural heritage, we bring you a wide selection of properties in some of the most prime locations.

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Buy a house in Croatia as a German

Wondering how to buy a house in Croatia as a German citizen? Good news! Whether your reason to buy a house/property in Croatia is capital growth, holiday rental income, or simply your desire to spend your spare time in the country, you should be interested to know more about the property acquisition procedure.
Buying property in Croatia is very easy for EU citizens. From 2009, the citizens of all EU/EEA Member States are eligible to buy a property in Croatia under the same conditions as Croatian citizens. However, there are quite a few restrictions for those living outside of the EU and British ex-pats. The good news is that you can still be eligible to buy a property in Croatia if your country has an agreement of reciprocity with Croatia. This means that if a Croatian Citizen has the right to buy a property in his home country then you have the right to buy a property in Croatia.
Even though buying a house in Croatia shouldn’t be an issue of great proportions, you still need to look for legal support. It is quite important to have legal support by your side when purchasing real estate in Croatia, even as a foreigner. Even though the legislation in the real estate sector is quite permissive, it is good to ask for assistance and understand from the beginning the conditions of real estate purchase, starting with the pre-contract agreement, which must comprise information about the seller, the buyer, the property, the price, and other related details.
Are you wondering if should you have a real estate agent? Knez Croatia Real Estates will provide full logistics and other help to make your real estate purchase in Croatia a knowledgeable and economical experience.

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Buy house Dubrovnik

Are you interested to learn how to buy a house in Dubrovnik? Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast and at the same time the most expensive. Not only in Croatia but even one of the most expensive places to buy real estate in Europe.
If you don’t have a tight budget and have a love for beautiful landscapes, architecture, and unique culture then Dubrovnik is your prime location Home to diversity and great history, Dubrovnik owns some of the most impressive real estate in the entire country. Due to the new infrastructure improvements, such as the Peljeski bridge, Southern Dalmatia and Dubrovnik region are now easily connected to the region further south without having to wait through the border to Bosnia / Herzegovina really making a difference in the real estate market.
Whether you are buying a house for vacation or living purposes, the prices really vary. The so-called “Pearl of the Adriatic” Dubrovnik, with average prices of just under €4,000/m² (2017: €3,300/m²) is the front-runner among the regions on the Croatian coast (before Split), followed by the southern outskirts with the airport region of Cavtat / Konavle. Different premium prices can be found on Korcula, Ploce/Peljesac, and Lastovo; an inverse situation only in the airport region in the Cavtat area. Whatever choice you make, investing in real estate in Dubrovnik is a very good financial investment and for sure a decision you won’t regret!
If you are looking for stunning architecture and overall a stunning home to buy in Dubrovnik make sure you explore some of the best luxury houses to buy in this region, accompanied by sites and construction land check out some of our luxury homes at Knez Croatia Real Estate have to offer.

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Which bank finances real estate in Croatia?

When it comes down to business and you are serious about your real estate purchase in Croatia, you will need to go through some legislation procedures. To find out which bank finances real estate in Croatia whether you are a domestic or foreign buyer, choosing the right bank is one of the important things to do.
Since the official currency in Croatia is Kuna, all transactions coming from a domestic or foreign address be executed in such. If the buyer is a foreign citizen, this could affect the price due to inflation and changing currencies. Therefore it’s a good help to have a trustful Real Estate company whom you can trust will forward you to the right bank with lower exchange rates and experience minimize differences whilst the conversion is happening.
To get the best rates when buying a house in Croatia open a non-residential account for the best outcome possible. As for everything else, all banks offer support and finances via loans and mortgages for buying real estate.
Make sure you find a professional and supportive real estate agency to make your purchase the most beneficial experience for.

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Can foreigners buy property in Croatia?

If you are a citizen or a legal entity from a member state of the European Union, you are entitled to the right to own real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as for acquiring the right to own property for citizens of the Republic of Croatia and legal entities based in the Republic of Croatia. The process of buying real estate for foreign citizens outside the EU is much more complex than the process of buying real estate for Croatian and EU citizens. The complexity primarily refers to the amount of documentation that needs to be obtained and the approval that the Ministry of Justice needs to issue.

Is Croatia a good place to buy a property?

Croatia is a profitable place to buy and invest in real estate, especially after the pandemic and from the beginning of 2022. Buying a property in Croatia is a good investment, and since the inflation begin the constructing material has significantly increased in price which produced big interest in buying old houses instead of building new ones from the beginning. Many houses in Croatia are opened for the rent therefore investing into a real estate could bring you up to 10 % of return on investment.

Can English people buy property in Croatia?

While foreigners from the European Union may purchase real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as nationals of the Republic of Croatia, those living outside the EU must obtain consent for the purchase of a real estate in the Republic of Croatia from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic in the administrative procedure. Without this consent, the new owner could not register his ownership of the land he purchased.

How much is the average house in Croatia?

Prices of real estate really differ depending on the location. The average price of a self-standing house in Croatia within walking distance from the sea is 450.000 euros (house built in the late 20th century) while in continental Croatia (capital city Zagreb) you can find houses with the average price per square meter at 2,177 euros. The average price of houses on the seashore is between 200.000 and 400.000 euros. Seafront houses cost approximately from 1 000 000 EUR and higher.

Does Croatia have free healthcare?

Healthcare is not free in Croatia. You'll also need to make a co-payment of 20% of the cost of any medical treatment you receive. The maximum you'll pay for a single treatment is 2,000 Croatian kuna. Most people in Croatia take out supplementary health insurance with HZZO to cover their co-payments.

How much money do you need to retire in Croatia?

With its low cost of living, high quality of life, small population, clean air and water, great food and social healthcare Croatia is a good place to retire. As a single retiree you could easily get by with a 5,064.15kn (without rent), however if you don’t pay the rent then your monthly costs alone (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for an aprox 70 m2 apartment would be not more then 1,401.67 kn.

Are there property taxes in Croatia?

There is no real estate tax in Croatia, only 3% tax is paid once the real estate is purchased.

How can I get citizenship in Croatia?

Persons who do not hold Croatian citizenship (foreign nationals) may apply to acquire Croatian citizenship and become Croatian citizens through naturalization if they meet the requirements. Croatian citizenship may be acquired if the person has a residence in Croatia for more than 8 years, was born in Croatia,  or married a Croatian citizen.

How long can Brits stay in Croatia?

As of January 1, 2021, UK citizens have limited staying in Croatia, due to Brexit. Brits are now considered third-country citizens, which is how Croatia refers to anyone who does not hold EEA/EU/Swiss nationality. If a person who has British residence wants to work and travel in Croatia which is part of the EU they will need to go through some legal documentation. . British citizens can travel to Croatia for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. For living and working check out official pages for further guidance.

Is buying in Croatia expensive?

For a Croatian citizen with an average neto monthly salary of 1033 euros per month, Croatia is considered quite an expensive place to buy property. However, the location and type of the property define the price. Prices also differ in the continental and coastal parts of Croatia. If you are a foreign citizen with a much higher net monthly salary, such as Germany, Austria, the UK, and France then you might consider Croatia to be just a good place to start your real estate journey.

Is Croatia a safe country?

Croatia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world and even ranks quite high on Global Peace. With its low crime and violent rate, Numbeo defines Croatia as the second safest European country for walking alone at night.

What is the price of bread in Croatia?

The average price of bread in Croatia differs from location to location, usually defined by the size of the supermarket and the type of bread. In an average bakery in continental Croatia, a white wheat loaf of bread costs around 10 kunas. In some large supermarkets, you can find it much cheaper at about 8 kunas. For better quality bread the starting prices are 20 kunas and above.

How much do cigarettes cost in Croatia?

For a pack of cigarettes (20 cigarettes in one pack), you will pay on average between 17-35 kunas depending on the brand and type of the store you are buying the cigarettes from.

How high are the real estate prices in Croatia?

The real estate prices in Croatia are slowly rising, and even more after the pandemic. Depending on the location the prices differ, but still the most expensive area for buying a property/house/flat is the coastal Croatia.

What is the price of fuel in Croatia?

Since February 2022. the price the continuously have been increasing. Average prices on some of the most common fuels in Croatia on September of 2022. are Unleaded: 11,26 kn/l, Diesel: 12,35 kn/l, Diesel Premium 14,52 HRK and LPG: 7,31 kn/l.

What is the currency in Croatia?

The current money currency in Croatia is the Euro €.