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Is Makarska better than Split for life?

If you are searching for a quieter and family atmosphere type of city then Makarska is probably a better choice than Split. Smaller in size and modest in content Makarska is a better fit for older people and families. Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is a better option for younger people as it has much more content and a vibrant local community.

Which airport is near Makarska?

The nearest airport to Makarska is Brac (BWK) Airport which is 27 km away. Other nearby airports include Split (SPU) (63.8 km), Sarajevo (SJJ) (121.6 km), Dubrovnik (DBV) (130.4 km), and Zadar (ZAD) (160.6 km).

How much is a bottle of wine in Makarska?

A bottle of Mid-Range wine you can find for 45 HRK (35-60).

How can I get to Makarska?

Depending on where you are traveling from, Makarska is accessible by land, air, and marine transportation.