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Is Trogir safe?

According to the famous site Numbeo, Trogir is listed as one of the safest cities on the coast. Known for its quiet tranquil atmosphere and its relatively low population, you can rest assured that living and traveling to Trogir is safe.

How do you get from Trogir to Split?

Traveling from Split to Trogir and vice versa is easy. Both are accessible by either public or private transportation. Trogir from Split is only 27.1 km or 29 min away.

What is Trogir known for?

Because of its rich Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque background, Trogir is known to be one of the oldest medieval towns that are well preserved on the entire Adriatic coast. And central Europe. a historic center that is considered the most preserved medieval town in central Europe. The most famous tourist spot is the Kamerlengo castle.

How do I get to Trogir?

Depending on your starting point, the means of transport differ. Trogir is easily accessible by land, air, or marine transportation.

Is Trogir expensive for a living?

According to Numbeo, an online portal for calculating costs of living in the world, Trogir is considered a mid-range place to live, but still with lower prices than in the capital Zagreb and southern parts of Dalmatia.