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Are Croatian Islands a safe place for a living?

Croatian islands are considered quite a safe place for living. Usually, the population is smaller than in the continental parts of Croatia therefore the local community is more connected. Apart from some problematic areas, most islands are safe to travel to or live in.

Is it better to live on the islands or in cities in Croatia?

Depending on your life preferences and choices each coin has two sides. Both continental and coastal Croatia have their good and bad parts, but if you are a young person searching for a vibrant local community and education then life in the city would be much more practical for you. Perhaps if you are a retiree then living on the island would be a much better fit due to the tranquil and relaxed atmosphere islands tend to be known for.

Why is Hvar so popular?

The island of Hvar is popular for its sunny and warm climate, and nightlife and is one of the most expensive islands on the Adriatic sea. Usually, a hot spot for foreigners and local visitors, Hvar's night scene is known to be the strongest when it comes to partying on islands, making Hvar an expensive place to visit.

Which island in Croatia has the best beaches?

Probably the best beaches are located in the south of Dalmatia/Croatia due to their sandy and exotic-looking beaches, like Sakarun (Long Island) and Lopud (Dubrovnik).

Which island in Croatia is the best for a living?

It's hard to choose just one because there are many equally good islands that we would recommend living at. Some of them are Hvar, Brač, Rab and Korčula.

What is the best island near Split for a living?

Some of the best islands near Split for a living are the island of Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Šolta, and Drvenik Veli.

Can I go to the island by car?

On most islands, you can travel by car with a ferry or by bridge. To some, it's necessary to travel by boat.