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Which is better - Hvar or Korcula?

If you are more on a budget then Korcula is a way to go! Slightly cheaper in prices than Hvar, Korcula is one of the most prominent islands and very popular when it comes to real estate! Compared to Hvar, Korcula has a more quiet atmosphere and is a more family-oriented island, while Hvar is known to have a very strong nightlife scene!

What is Korcula known for?

Korčula is mostly known widely to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, a merchant that described his voyage to and experiences in Asia. On his way, he brought some of the interesting foods back to Europe, noodles, which became the pasta that Italy is famed for today. Along with that Korcula is known to have stunning architecture and amazing nature!

Which is better, Brac or Korcula?

Although slightly further from a mainland port, distance-wise, Hvar is better equipped than Korčula with ferries and catamarans running regularly. Korcula is further down and has more irregular ferry rides. When compared with prices they both are quite the same.

Which island in Croatia is the best for a living?

It's hard to choose just one because there are many equally good islands that we would recommend living at. Some of them are Hvar, Brač, Rab and Korčula.

Is Korcula safe?

Korcula is known to be a very safe place to visit or live at.

Do you need a car on Korcula?

When speaking about just going around the city center you don't need a car, as the city of Korčula is small. However if you want to travel fast and efficiently to other places you can use public transportation, but faster you will get by car. Most people on Korcula probably own at least one car per household.

How do I get to Korcula?

To Korcula you can access only by car ferry, catamaran or bus from Split o(coming from the mainland) and also with ferry and catamarans when coming from other islands.

How long is the ferry from Korcula to Hvar?

Journey time is between 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 35 minutes depending on the route.