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Hvar is one of the most valuable islands in economic Croatia and at the same time known as the most expensive island location for tourism and real estate, with the lowest affordability index. For a luxury dream property, you will have to set aside a certain budget as this sunny island is classified as one of the most expensive tourist locations in Croatia. The island of Hvar will definitely not leave you indifferent to the exceptional history, culture, and richness of natural beauties! The island of dizzying prices, beautiful views of the sunsets, and the exquisite old architecture has won the hearts of many foreign and local buyers for years!


If you are looking for a luxury property of a residential, commercial, or construction type, you are in the right place! Croatia Real Estates has been successfully operating and trading real estate in the Adriatic and throughout Croatia for years, by achieving an extensive database providing its clients with pure luxury and exceptional quality deals for professional service! Some of the asking prices of residential (apartments, residential houses) and commercial real estate are stable and currently stand at 2879 euros per unit square meter. While some of the lowest asking prices per square meter can be found in the Old Town, where they start at 1504 euros.


In order to step into these waters and become the owner of a luxury property, a strategic investment can take you far ahead, by securing your return on investment in a period of 10-20 years.


Contact Croatia Real Estates agency for more information on buying and selling luxury real estate on the Adriatic and other parts of Croatia!

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  • Where should I live in Hvar?

    Even though Hvar Town is the main attraction point, it's probably the most interesting but also the most expensive. If you want to go to a more friendly budget place, then for sure Milna, Jelsa, Vrboska, and Gdinj are much better options!

  • Why is Hvar so popular?

    The island of Hvar is popular for its sunny and warm climate, and nightlife and is one of the most expensive islands on the Adriatic sea. Usually, a hot spot for foreigners and local visitors, Hvar's night scene is known to be the strongest when it comes to partying on islands, making Hvar an expensive place to visit.

  • Does Hvar have sandy beaches?

    There are some sandy beaches on Hvar (Sucujar) even though the beaches on Hvar are generally rocky - pebble, situated in bays, surrounded by pine forests.

  • Which is better - Hvar or Stari Grad?

    Depending on your preferences, Hvar and Stari Grad are both amazing to visit! Stari Grad represents the historical background of the island and is much more tranquil than the Hvar town. However, we recommend visiting both and seeing what you like the best!

  • Which is better - Hvar or Korcula?

    If you are more on a budget then Korcula is a way to go! Slightly cheaper in prices than Hvar, Korcula is one of the most prominent islands and very popular when it comes to real estate! Compared to Hvar, Korcula has a more quiet atmosphere and is a more family-oriented island, while Hvar is known to have a very strong nightlife scene!

  • What language is spoken in Hvar, Croatia?

    In Hvar, people speak the Croatian language, but there are many dialects influenced by the Italian language.

  • Is Hvar good for nightlife?

    Hvar is one of the islands that is known to have the strongest nightlife scene on the whole Adriatic coast!

  • Can you swim in Hvar?

    ou can swim on the island of Hvar, on many of the stunning beaches this island offers!

  • Is Hvar expensive?

    Hvar is known to be Croatian's most expensive island, due to its extremely high prices almost compared to the city of Dubrovnik.

  • How much does a bottle of wine cost in Hvar?

    Depending on your preferences and where you go, prices for wine can vary. You can easily get a cheap bottle of wine in a supermarket for less than 100 kunas but then spend hundreds of kunas if not even thousands in a fancy restaurant or a nightclub!

  • Are restaurants on Hvar expensive?

    Yes! Gastronomic offer on Hvar island is known to be one of the most expensive when compared to other smaller islands in Croatia.

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