Inside the Luxury Homes in Dubrovnik

Inside the Luxury Homes in Dubrovnik


While most people say money can’t buy you happiness, having a luxury home in a beautiful coastal town in Croatia can get you close enough. Home to some of the most expensive houses in Croatia and building plots for sale, Dubrovnik is a well-known gem located in the very south of Croatia. Famous after its rich history, beautiful nature, and diverse cultural lifestyle, beautiful mansions in Dubrovnik are homes to those who seek out the Mediterranean lifestyle!


The luxury homes market in Dubrovnik is blooming nowadays – from modern villas with the sea view to antique houses in the Old Town and stone houses in the Dubrovnik Region. Depending on the lifestyle you want to take part in and home design preferences, the choice of your fancy house in Dubrovnik can take you on a journey of a lifetime. After all, many people who have taken a leap into visiting Dubrovnik and buying a luxury home in Dubrovnik said that it changed their life forever.


To help you with your choice we have created a list of 9 amazing luxury homes in Dubrovnik, along with pictures of the interior and much more. Let’s take a look inside beautiful mansions in Dubrovnik and nearby areas!


Luxury Homes #1: Seven Bedroom Seafront Villa with Private Beach and a Boat Dock

Status: SOLD


Custom-built luxury home spreading across a 772 square meters plot is designed for pure hedonists in love with the modern house design merged with the romance of the old world. This luxury estate was built in 2019 and is located 8km from the Dubrovnik city center. The fancy house is hidden away from the traffic and the noisy everyday lifestyle, having the seafront view available to your eyes from every room in the house. With the patio protruding over the private beach and boat docks, you will always have a beautiful inspiration over your morning coffee or the evening gatherings with your group of friends. The infinity pool of the fancy house is hidden to the eyes of strangers, and in case you still want to take the dip in the sea, a couple of stairs beneath your house will lead you to your own private beach. The luxury home inside holds seven bedrooms, a large living room with a separate dining room and kitchen, a sauna with a sea view, and a fully equipped gym. Equipped with the elevator, guest house, and a beautiful fireplace, this luxury estate is home to those that have a deep sense of how to enjoy life with the pinch of the Mediterranean breeze. 

Luxury Homes #2: Two Stone Mansions Surrounded by Nature and Olive Garden

Price:  1.100.000€


Have you had a dream of waking up next to the sound of birds, walking up through the grass to have breakfast, and breathing in the fresh air while looking at the hundred-year-old olive oil trees? Look no further because the luxury estate with two villas and a pool might just be exactly what you were hoping for! The two fancy luxury houses are built in stone and have a large courtyard of 3500 square meters ready to be used as a calm family area or the party floor. A 50 square meters pool and s fancy sunbathing decking are hidden away from the eyes of the strangers and surrounded by the signature plants from the Mediterranean. Next to the large pool, you will be able to cook a meal in the stone-built outside kitchen and enjoy the meal while resting your eyes while looking at the olive oil, orange, and lemon trees, as well as the rosemary. The inside of beautiful mansions is designed in the Mediterranean style and both houses hold 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms together. Hidden in nature, this posh and luxury home also has wellness, spa, and fitness area as well as a beautiful small dining room and kitchen. 

Luxury Homes #3: Posh Style Villa in the Most Prestigious Location near Dubrovnik

Price: 1.600.000€


Spread over a plot of 450 sqm with seven bedrooms and with an open view of the sea, this luxury home is located in a very peaceful and one of the most prestigious locations near Dubrovnik. Take a walk outside of the house to smell the breeze of the sea and rest near the large pool, or invite a few friends for a BBQ in your outside kitchen. The slick and contemporary multi-level luxury home holds 7 sunlit bedrooms and most of them have balconies with a beautiful view of the Adriatic sea. Inside a luxury house, there are also 5 custom-designed bathrooms, an eclectic french style dining room and kitchen, and a wide separate living room area.

Luxury Homes #4: Seafront Stone House Surrounded by Pinewood in Dubrovnik Countryside

Price: 1.500.000€


Set over a 2746 sqm plot, this luxury home with professionally kept and beautiful Mediterranean-style yard is located on the Pelješac peninsula. The stone country house is a hidden gem surrounded by tall pinewood and located on the seafront with access to the pebble beach just a minute away from the house. Outside of the house, there is a rustic patio with a big dining table, a beautiful stone fireplace, and a large pool. The inside of the house is accommodated with a Mediterranean-style living room, a small and well-decorated kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. If you have ever dreamt of a countryside house hidden in the woods that will immediately take your breath away, this fancy house is your best choice!

Luxury Homes #5: Modern Design Three Bedroom Villa with Spa and Sauna

Price: 2.000.000€


Looking for a luxury house with your private wellness area having an inside pool, sauna, and spacious gym? This minimalistic designed modern villa spreading across 426 sqm is made to feel like you are in the middle of the San Francisco Bay area, but with a much milder climate and only 8km away from the Old Town in Dubrovnik. The posh house inside holds a spacious kitchen with a dining room, separate living room and 3 spacious and slick designed bedrooms, with two of them having the exit to the balcony and the outside sitting area. The stone courtyard is home to a heated large pool and a small patio for relaxing. For when the days get cold you have your private, well-equipped wellness area – sauna at your disposal, as well as the pool and luxury gym. 

Luxury Homes #6: Award-Winning Stone House with Pool and Spacious Yard

Price: 900.000€


Picture this: A three-bedroom detached stone house with a plot size of 3122 sqm, a large patio with a scenic view of the Mediterranean garden, fireplace, and a large pool! Interested? Drive through the gates of the luxury villa where the old times meet modern and minimalist design. Made by the award-winning Croatian architect Davor Bušnja, the professionally landscaped country house is located in the Pelješac peninsula, only a few minutes away from the medieval town Ston and nearby beaches. Hidden by the large walls, far away from the noise of the traffic, this 2-floor gem house has the lower floor modernly decorated to fit a large living room and beautiful and spacious kitchen. The upper floor holds 3 spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. Ready to enjoy country life? Click here and see more photos! 

Luxury Homes #7: Four Bedroom Residence with Infinity Pool and a Sea View

Status: SOLD


This eye-catching luxury home set over a 390 sqm plot could be mistaken for a grandiose hostel. Inside, the slick and contemporary multi-level space is decorated by floor-to-ceiling windows offering a wide view over the boasting sun-drenched sea and beautiful nature. Modern-designed outside of the fancy house has a beautiful minimalistic fireplace with a dining area and a small patio to enjoy the long summer days in Dubrovnik. The infinity pool is accommodated by the sunbathing area perfect for cocktail afternoons. Enter the house and enjoy a posh style large living room, amazing and custom made kitchen with a small wine cellar. The luxury house inside has floor heating, four beautiful and spacious bedrooms with their private bathrooms, sauna, and hot tube! Not to mention, the gated luxury villa is just a 10-minute drive away from the Dubrovnik Old town!

Luxury Homes #8: Five Floor Stone House in the Heart of Dubrovnik Old Town

Price: 1.560.000€


Imagine waking up in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and walking to Stradun to drink the morning coffee and take a swim under the stone walls afterward. Sounds like a dream? Located in the heart of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, with a front view over Cathedral and the Rector’s Palace, the ancient stone villa is one of the most luxurious homes in Dubrovnik nowadays. The house was fully renovated in 2008 with the original characteristics of the building kept intact and well preserved. The five-floor luxury stone house is spread over 172 sqm and is connected by the staircase.  The ground floor of the luxury house is in rent of the restaurant that has a separate entrance and a terrace with the view of Dubrovnik Cathedral. On the elevated ground floor, there is a guest bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe, bathroom, and storage space. The first two floors are both accommodated by the entrance halls, spacious study rooms, bedrooms on each floor, bathroom, and walk-in closet. The third floor is a bit smaller than the first two and has the entrance floor, two smaller rooms, and a bathroom, while the loft is equipped with a study room and a bathroom. 

Luxury Homes #9: 18th Century Stone House with 4 Bedrooms in Cavtat

Price: Upon request


Constructed in the 18th century, the 5 bedroom detached luxury home in heart of Cavtat is found behind high stone walls in a 180 square meters lot. Spreading over the three levels, this heritage stone house was fully renovated in 2018. The luxury house yard is half stone and half grass, accommodated by the spacious patio and hot tub. Enter the inside of the residence to see the spacious kitchen and dining room, with a beautifully designed detached living room covered in marble and ancient stones giving the luxury house a high-end Mediterranean vibe. The first and the second floor have 4 spacious bedrooms with a view of the sea, and 4 modern designed slick bathrooms for each of the rooms. Sunlit heritage house with a panorama over the sea is just 30 meters away from the sea and 20 minutes drive from Dubrovnik city. 

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