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One of the most picturesque places in Istria, rich in its imposing architecture and Italian-Austrian influence, the town of Labin will be exactly the paradise on earth you have longed for! Located in the southeastern part of the Istrian peninsula, across the island of Cres, the town of Labin is well connected by road, sea, and air. An ideal place for all those investors who want a property on the coast and yet be well connected with the rest of the peninsula. With high real estate prices in Istria, the town of Labin does not stop much! If you are looking for a family house, you will have to set aside a minimum of 2000 euros per m2. If you are a fan of fine architecture, exquisite Istrian gastronomic offers, and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, then this place will be a complete hit for you!


Istria with its history dates back to ancient times, and therefore its value is much stronger than some other, less populated places on the Adriatic coast. Whether you are looking for a cottage, apartment, building land, or renovation project, staying and investing in this location will require a slightly larger budget! However, rest assured that due to its historic location which is a big factor in the price level in Istria, by investing in luxury real estate in these areas you are investing in the future! If you are interested and have decided to buy in the city of Labin, feel free to contact us and find out how to become a lucrative real estate investor and make a long-term profit!


Fall in love with this picturesque town of Labin and achieve cooperation with the leading real estate agency in Croatia, Croatia Real Estates today!

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