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Are you looking for lucrative investment in the Zadar area? Welcome to Croatia Real Estates Agency! With our professional team and a wide base of luxury properties to choose from, we represent some of the highest quality and most affordable offers in Zadar and its surroundings. This city, ideal in size, with an accessible location, and a temperate Mediterranean climate is enriched with plenty of sunny days throughout the year and will be the ideal place to start your real estate journey! Known as one of the most visited destinations on the Adriatic coast, and rich in historical and cultural heritage, the city of Zadar is one of the most beautiful cities to live in Croatia. As a very desirable destination, Zadar is recording increasing success in the world of real estate, so investing in real estate, promises you long-term profit and investment.


Join us and explore some of the luxury residential, construction, and commercial properties from our rich offer! Zadar, known as one of the ideal destinations for buying and renting real estate has recorded an increase in prices over the past 2 years. You can find the desired property (apartment/house) for an average of 2298 euros per square meter, which is 0.7 percent more than in the year 2020.


With the many natural beauties that surround this historic city, you will surely fall in love with Zadar at first sight! Known to have the most beautiful sunsets, this idyllic location will make you want to stay here and explore all the charms that this beautiful city has to offer!

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  • What is Zadar known for?

    Zadar is mostly known to be the center of great ancient architecture. With its famous Sea Organs installed in the center of the Old Town, amazing beaches, and sunsets, Zadar is an example of a great life for young people and has become one of the most wanted tourist locations in the entire Croatia.

  • Is Zadar expensive?

    Zadar is the most expensive city in coastal Croatia according to Numbeo.

  • Which is better for life, Zadar or Split?

    Split, the second largest city in Croatia is considered a relatively safe city. With a low rate of crime, natural disasters, and violence Split is highly recommended for living. Especially for young people, Split has become the second center of Croatia.

  • Is Zadar safe?

    According to Numbeo, the biggest internet database on costs of living Zadar is listed as a relatively safe city to live and travel to in Croatia. With its low crime and violence, Zadar is considered to be a good choice to live at.

  • Is Zadar good for nightlife?

    Zadar is considered to be one of the best nightlife cities on the coast. With numerous clubs and bars in the city center. Conveniently Zadar is close to the other amazing coastal nightlife centers such as Vodice and the island of Pag which are considered the mecca of nightlife!

  • Does Zadar have a sandy beach?

    Zadar city itself doesn't have sandy beaches, but not too far from the city center you can easily access some of Croatia's most beautiful sandy beaches within just 30 min car/bus/ferry ride. One of the most stunning sandy beaches in Zadar county is Queen's beach in Nin, just 3 km away from the city center of Zadar. Followed with Long island's Sakarun beach, Zaton, and Privlaka you will be able to enjoy stunning sandy beaches easily accessible by public or private transportation.

  • Does Zadar have an airport?

    Yes, Zadar has an international airport, located in Zemunik Donji, 8 km (5 min) from the center of Zadar.

  • How far is Zadar from the airport?

    The Zadar Airport is only 8 km away from the city center, which is approximately 10 min car ride.

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