The price of electricity in Croatia in 2022.

The price of electricity in Croatia in 2022.

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Law on the electricity market

According to Večernji List, a famous local newspaper in 2021, the Croatian Parliament accepted by a majority vote the new Law on the Electricity Market, the goal of which is to enable its citizens, that is, households, to purchase electricity from suppliers from the EU, which would result in greater protection, information, and control of electricity bills. An additional novelty is a possibility of changing suppliers in a shorter period of time!


The Law on the Electricity Market is a law regulating the rules and measures for safe and reliable production, transmission, distribution, and supply of electricity as well as for electricity trade and organization of the electricity market as part of the European Union electricity market.


This law defines the rules that provide customer protection and help with the organization and functioning of the electric power sector, at the same time enabling easier access to the market. In addition to dealing with the rights of electricity buyers, it also deals with cross-border transfers of electricity, principles of reciprocity, etc.


Tariff items for households


In order to define tariff items, a tariff valuation system was designed. The tariff system determines the tariff elements for the calculation of the price of electricity consumption for various energy entities (customers, households) within the Republic of Croatia.


The tariff items define the elements that enable the calculation of the fee for the electricity delivery service for the billing period, depending on the type of user, delivery period, and seasonal or daily delivery dynamics. The tariff items are divided into the Higher Daily Tariff Item (VT) (every day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the period when winter time is used and from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the period when summer time is used) and the Lower Daily Tariff Item (NT) which includes other periods. 


The single daily tariff item (JT) lasts every day between 00:00 and 24:00.


New tariff items for network use


According to HEP’s official website, new tariff items (prices) will apply to all customers/consumers in the household category from April 1, 2022. Households that are supplied with public electricity (universal service) are subject to new tariff items for electricity and new tariff items for the use of the network.


 In the event that the customer does not want electricity supply within the framework of the public supply service, every customer has the right to request the termination of the electricity supply contract.


Electricity prices in the Republic of Croatia

The unit of measure for calculating prices for electricity consumption is calculated in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and varies depending on the supplier you choose. Within the Republic of Croatia, there are several suppliers such as HEP, GEN-l, RWE Energija, and Hrvatski Telekom.

As part of the universal service from October 1, 2013, the amounts of tariff items amount to HRK 0.455/kWh on average and represent a reduction of about 10% compared to the tariff items adopted by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia from May 1, 2012.


 The delivered electricity is calculated according to the three tariffs that we mentioned earlier. Below is an overview of all prices offered by suppliers.


What is included in the electricity bill?

Are you interested in more detail about what the figure on your account contains? The price that consumers pay includes a fee for the delivery service and additional monthly fees for supply and distribution.


The fee for the electricity delivery service refers to all the costs of the electricity sector and includes costs of electricity production and/or supply, electricity transmission costs, electricity distribution costs, electricity supply costs, electricity system management costs, and market organization costs of electricity. 


For a more detailed overview and explanations of the items on your account, HEP explains on its official website.


Additional information

The Government of the Republic of Croatia has adopted a decision that, as of April 1, 2022, will raise the price of electricity in households by between 8 and 11%.


Due to inflation, and the current state of war in Ukraine, the price of electricity has increased significantly due to the scarcity of gas.


Croatian Prime Minister Plenković announced that electricity prices for households should rise by up to 9.6%. Without government measures, the price increase for households would have been 23%, because the price of electricity on the stock market has quadrupled in a year, writes Energetika-net.