Building Plots for Sale in Croatia

These seven small and big plots of land for sale in the coastal area of Croatia present striking possibilities for building your dream home from the ground up. By Martina Petrina 

Is there a more significant and effective investment than buying a secluded piece of land? Whether it’s seafront land for sale on an island, a building plot in a medieval city, or a massive land consisting of thousands of acres, vast real estate are places where more and more elite-level buyers are investing. Raw building plots for sale in Croatia present the ultimate blank slate on which to craft the residence of your dreams, whether they include leisurely enjoying privacy by the sea, cultivating the garden, making wine, or creating a legacy asset to pass to future generations.

Building Plot for Sale: Dubrovnik

Price: 375.000€


land for sale in dubrovnik

This unique and pristine 3000 sqm building plot is situated in ideal location minutes from Dubrovnik city center and 15 km from the international airport. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and perfect for any residential and/or commercial development minutes from a dramatic shoreline that is lapped by the crystal clear Adriatic sea. Completely flat, situated in the verdant, with a minimal existing structure very easy to remove, makes for a ready-to-build site. Ideal for those seeking extreme privacy, to create a luxury residence, family home, or a magnificent mega-estate amid the most tranquil and beautiful setting. 

Building Plots for Sale: Koločep Island

Price: 500.000€


building plot for sale on koločep island

Seaside charm rule this stately Croatian plot situated on the island Koločep just off the coast of Dubrovnik. This diverse Croatia land for sale combines indigenous Mediterranean forest, situated only 150 meters from the beach, with a total plot size of 1400 sqm rich in opportunities. The island’s unique geography – in the middle of the Elaphiti Islands – and fertile grounds provide sustainable conditions for grape growing or garden cultivation. Not only is it in a very quiet and peaceful location surrounded by untouched nature, but also it is one of the rare building plots for sale on the island with an approved building permit. The allotment project to build a 5 bedroom villa is approved. It is up to the investor to adjust which architecture they will implement according to their requirements and/or tastes. 

Building Plots for Sale: Šipan Island

Price: 1.300.000€


building plots for sale on an island šipan

Those tempted by the Mediterranean lifestyle can take their ease at Šipan island, tucked inside the Elafiti Archipelago, also known as Dubrovnik’s islands. Consisting of three blocks of land, this immense building plot stretches across almost 120.000 sqm and is conveniently located near pristine beaches with marginal reefs along the coast. The coastal location makes this one of the most beautiful island land plots for sale ideal for enjoying all the traps of the seaside lifestyle, from kayaking and diving to dolphin watching and fishing. As a popular holiday destination, with its seafront location and close proximity to popular tourist attractions, it’s a fantastic investment opportunity to develop a profitable property. It is also suitable for those looking for building plots for sale in Croatia to develop a low-maintenance vacation property. 

Building Plots for Sale: Dubrovnik 

Price: 2.520.000€


building plots for sale near dubrovnik

This building plot near Dubrovnik is truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind real estate. Situated minutes from the Old Town in one of the most luxurious cities in Croatia, with high-end restaurants, luxury shops, private schools, and just 20 kilometers from the International Airport. Pristine land of approximately 21 000 sqm is located in one of the most prestigious places in the Dubrovnik region, among many resorts, and luxury villas. This parcel could be the next major resort development, residential or commercial project of 12 villas in Mediterranean style. An investment opportunity not to be missed with great tourism potential and an approximate revenue of up to 60 000€ per year.

Building Plots for Sale: Hvar Island

Price: 2.020.000€


building plots for sale island hvar

Quite simply the most amazing piece of seafront land on Hvar island. An undulating hillside paradise, the iconic estate is a 101 000 sqm plot of panoramic vistas, golden fields, forested trails, and breathtaking ridge lines near the sea. Hvar island is appropriate for water sports enthusiasts looking to stay active in a laid-back environment. This is a great investment opportunity that offers a variety of means to generate revenue and turn a huge profit. Bring your architectural plans, start with a clean slate, and build your own island-gated luxury seafront residence nearby spectacular secluded beaches.

Building Plots for Sale: Čilipi near Dubrovnik Airport

Price: 650.000€


building plots for sale dubrovnik airport

It goes without saying that when it comes to real estate, location is everything. Whether it is a neighborhood or suburb, many of us carefully seek the perfect home in the right place. But, why not build around your ideal lifestyle? If you’re always on the go, we have a building plot for your next real estate investment. Situated in an excellent location, close to the main Dubrovnik Airport, and with several amenities, this property offers both, proximity and luxury. It’s a rare find when searching for: ‘real estate Croatia coast’, in a highly sought-after, steadily growing place. This 5500 sqm estate parcel has development potential offering a possibility to build a hotel of around 800 sqm of inside space, consisting of 4 floors, around 25 bedrooms, a restaurant, and a parking space. 

Building Plots for Sale: Korčula Island

Price: 300.000€


building plots for sale island korčula

If you find your days interrupted by thoughts of fresh, salty air, wide-open spaces, and panoramic sea ranges, look no further than land plots for sale on Korčula island. This is an 1139 sqm rare opportunity for that special buyer who is looking for top-notch trophy land on which to build an outstanding summer house. The terrain is remarkably diverse, rugged, and pristine, only 15 meters far from the sea. Korčula is an ideal destination for homeowners looking to develop an income property or a low-maintenance vacation home. We provide a real estate management service, which means that your property is in good hands wherever you are in the world. 

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