What should we pay attention to when buying an older house?

Croatia Real Estates helps you find out what to pay attention to if you are interested in buying an older house! The process, which is certainly painstaking and can take a lot of time, requires a detailed view and a smart strategy! For all additional information and wise business, follow our announcements and posts!

Advantages of buying an older house

Are you interested in buying an old building and need specific advice? If you are in the process of buying an older house, you will definitely have to pay attention to several factors that may not be alarming at first glance, but may pose a problem later on.


 A venture that is not so unusual, buying an older house has its pros and cons. It is important for you to know that your future project has more advantages than disadvantages in any case!


There are many benefits to buying an older home, and one of the biggest is financial. Unlike new construction, older houses have significantly lower prices, which can be extremely attractive if the financial aspect of renovation does not exceed the purchase capital itself.


With the possibility of renovation, you raise its value, which can (depending on the quality and need for renovation) help your property double its value!


Older houses have their own charm and identity, a larger garden, and more favorable locations, unlike new ones, which are more neutral. Depending on everyone’s taste, this can be a winning combination and one of the main reasons for the advantages of buying an older house.


Challenges and problems when buying an older house

When considering the purchase of a particular property, pay attention to all potential problems and challenges before deciding to buy! It is important to consider the costs of renovation before embarking on such an expedition so that you don’t regret it later!


As your best solution, it would be ideal to hire a professional person who specializes in assessing the condition of the house. It may seem like an additional expense, but in the long run, it can help you a lot, because in this way you can find out all predictable and unpredictable costs and prepare yourself financially and mentally for the budget needed for the renovation!


If your property is on the market with an extremely attractive price, perhaps much lower than you would expect, there is probably a reason for that! Maybe it’s nothing alarming, but definitely look deeper into the legal aspect of your property (clean papers) and the rest of the potential problems that are responsible for the very low price! Prevention is better than cure!


The high cost of home insurance is a possible item that you would not anticipate, but it is extremely important! Ask about the options of insurance companies before you decide on one, without rushing and with detailed research that you will be grateful for later!


Estimating renovation costs

As the best option for cost estimation, it would be ideal to hire a professional person. Although it seems like an unnecessary expense, it can be just the opposite! Qualified professionals know what they are doing and do it quickly. That is, they will need significantly less to estimate the cost of the renovation than you who don’t even know where to start.


The sooner you excel at this undertaking, the sooner you will know the real cost of your budget that you have allocated for the renovation, which is of great importance if the time period of the refurbishment can affect it.


Installation check


The age of the house brings a certain charm, but it comes with problems that arise if the house you are planning has outdated installations or those that are not fully functional. Be that as it may, the importance of inspection before deciding to take more serious steps is crucial! 


Not only non-functioning installations can be life-threatening, but before you make a general decision to buy, they will present you with a realistic price and the cost of the renovation that is needed. For such an undertaking, you will have to hire a professional person who will quickly and efficiently give you a complete analysis of the current situation and potentially save you from many problems that you may not have even thought about!


Most of the household electrical installations in Europe were built more than thirty years ago and do not comply with current safety standards. Therefore, it is essential that all existing plants are inspected as often as possible.

The importance of the location of the property

We emphasized that location is important in some of our previous articles! One of the most important factors when buying is the location of your property. It will also determine the price of your investment venture, so think carefully about where you want to invest.

Buying old vs. new real estate

The fact that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, buying old and buying new real estate. While the advantages of buying a new home sometimes outweigh buying an old one, the same scenario can be reversed. While most older houses come at a lower price, they are often subject to renovation and restoration, which can be very challenging and financially compromising, but will captivate you with their charm and affordability.


While, on the other hand, new construction already comes with sorted papers, and architecture and often there are no additional renovation processes that can greatly facilitate the purchase process, however, it will not always be financially more favorable!


To conclude, it all depends on your taste and preferences! The decision is yours! Make a wise decision and find out how to invest wisely in your real estate with the Croatia Real Estates agency today!

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