Renovation of the house before sale

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Renovation of an old house – is it worth it?

A question that every homeowner has faced at least once in his life! A slightly scary but useful question will help you sell your house! We all know how the renovation of an old property can be too much, both mentally and financially, but if you have a good plan it can be exactly in your favor!

In order to answer this valuable question, you need to look at several factors!

In order for your investment to pay off, you should consider the age of the house and its statics (the strength of the house skeleton), the age and usability of building maintenance materials such as water pipes, gas, and municipal waste (factors that will affect additional consumption), quality furniture etc. Then external factors such as the time required for a building permit, legislation, and other real factors (maybe you have a problematic neighbor with whom you are arguing over a piece of land that will affect the time period and financial compensation).

An ideal project with the highest profitability of renovation would be an object that does not require a complete change of the plan and construction of the house, the layout of the rooms, or an absolute transformation, both external and internal.


Investment and renovation – a great investment

According to experts in construction and entrepreneurship, the renovation of old real estate is becoming a real new market demand that does not bring too much profit for now, but it can be used to make a living and provides a job.

For all those who decided on less profitable construction expeditions, they can be encouraged by the fact that the renovation of the existing housing stock and its further sale represents the real future and potential for investors, making the renovation of old properties an increasingly lucrative business in the area of ​​Lijepa Naša. Stone houses on the Adriatic are definitely some of the most dominant renovations.

Known for their longevity and character, investing in such an undertaking may cost you money, but it is certainly worthwhile, since a large number of such residences belong to the cultural heritage, making your investment even more valuable!

What to pay attention to before renovating an old house

In order to ensure the greatest possible profit in this already challenging enough situation, we bring you a few instructions on how to avoid some cardinal mistakes during renovation. For the best outcome, you will first of all need a lot of nerves and planning! Grab a pen and paper and start writing down all your expenses and plans in advance!

Careful planning is half the battle, so this is the aspect you’ll want to pay the most attention to!

Along with careful planning of the works, choosing a good team of craftsmen and realistically looking at the budget and renovation time are some of the factors that you should pay more attention to before starting your project, no matter how big or small it is! A good master team that will make an accurate assessment of the condition and calculates a specific price will help you a lot. This way, you will see whether this figure exceeds your budget or not, which will be a decisive factor in the cost of your renovation!

Interior design is equally important when selling. Arrange the interior of your home with appropriate simplicity and minimalism. Do not clutter your home with unnecessary furniture and stick to the rule of less is more! A clean and relatively empty space allows prospective buyers to visualize their future home which greatly contributes to potential sales!


 Higher value after than before the renovation

Any positive change you can apply to your property will ensure an increase in value. However, some adaptations provide higher and some lower value.

According to Robert Gradečki, the Zagreb architect, “For a run-down, unmaintained apartment in the center of Zagreb that is 30 years old, the current market price ranges from €1,500 to €1,900 per m2. The same apartment that has been adapted and well maintained on the market can fetch a price of more than €2,500 €”. well evokes the potential of space adaptation.

Some of the key and most profitable elements of the renovation are certainly the renovations of the kitchen, whereby investing a minimum of €4,000 you can increase the value of the property by €5,000 to €7,000. Ensuring an investment return of 20% and a deposit return that can amount to 150%.

This lucrative category also includes bathrooms, windows, and roofing.


Law on Reconstruction

In September 2020, months after the earthquake that hit the City of Zagreb and its surroundings in March 2020, a law on reconstruction was passed. This Law regulates the method and procedure for the restoration or removal of buildings damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster declared in the area of ​​the City of Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje County, and Zagreb County.

It also predicts that illegal buildings will be renovated, and the state will legalize them, writes Jutarnji Hr.


Energy efficiency


The term energy-efficient construction is considered a completely new field of construction that includes modern technology. Are you wondering what exactly energy-efficient construction is?

There is no exact definition of an efficient or low-energy house, but it means a property that has a higher energy efficiency than the legislator prescribes. As a completely new trend in construction, it can be achieved with a modern construction method and the use of energy-saving technology.

Energy efficiency results in less heat loss through the building envelope, which results in a reduction in the need for energy (heating).

 One of the prominent terms when it comes to an energy-efficient house is a zero-energy house, which has become a new standard in new construction since January 1, 2020. and represents a more modern version of a passive house (a building that does not exceed the annual energy requirement of 15-kilowatt hours (kWh) per square meter and a large part of the heating requirement is covered by solar energy or waste heat from the tenants themselves and technical equipment). 

Although with similar properties of thermal insulation and heat recovery, a low-energy house satisfies its own need for energy during the year, for example by using solar panels or geothermal pumps.

Buildings built with this type of construction, compared to other buildings, have a neutral carbon footprint due to the fact that during the year it produces exactly as much energy as it consumes. With a significantly lower energy bill, this option is perfect for every household!

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