Should I hire an interior designer for my apartment?

Should I hire an interior designer for my apartment?

Are you in the process of remodeling your home and wondering how wise it is to hire interior designers? Do not worry! Croatia Real Estates agency brings you detailed answers to all your questions!


Find out how and in what way an interior designer can help increase the value of your property and improve your property sales! Our professional team at the Croatia Real Estate agency will answer all the details about the sale and purchase of real estate in Croatia!

Advantages of hiring an interior designer

An advantage of working with an interior designer that might not immediately come to mind is increased resale value. By having a visually pleasing home, the value of your home will increase along with the number of potential buyers. The more eyes on your home, the faster it will sell.


If you are considering hiring a qualified interior designer, you will definitely not regret it! Croatia Real Estates agency brings you some tips on how to sell your property in a quality way with maximum profit! For all additional information and news, follow our official page and stay up to date!


 Saving money

Most people automatically think that hiring an interior designer is expensive. They will have to spend extra money to have someone else do something they can do themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Professional interior design can actually save you a lot of time and money that you didn’t expect!


Today, cost-conscious homeowners are turning to professional interior designers to create the home of their dreams—for less money. What you pay in fees often turns out to be a lot less than you would spend on costly design mistakes. 


Here are 5 ways hiring an interior designer can save you money:


  1. Interior designers can prevent you from making costly mistakes


  1. An interior designer can save you time and money


  1. Access to the store only with discounts


  1. Know when to spend money on quality for durability


  1. Planning for the future



Professionalism is the key to success

Hiring a qualified and professional interior designer can give you the experience and perspective you need to save time, effort and money. From a resale standpoint, homes that have had the touch of a talented professional are generally more attractive and easier to sell.


Interior designers are masters when it comes to finding quality products and pieces at affordable prices. Yes, you pay a design fee, but that amount pales in comparison to the overall savings it brings to your home. You’ll also avoid the costly mistakes that many homeowners make, which is often guessing when decorating your home. An interior designer knows how to bring your vision to life.


Planning and sticking to the budget


Planning ahead is extremely important for your budget, as well as realistic expectations. A professional interior designer will provide you with a realistic picture of your budget, and perhaps most importantly, help you stick to it!


With space at a premium, interior designers know how to optimize space and ensure maximum utilization of limited square footage. They have a cohesive vision with which they can creatively combine functionality with decorative design elements and create an aesthetically pleasing space.


Accordingly, they have a lot of experience and are trained to see the bigger picture, which homeowners often miss. They know how to keep future requirements in mind so that the home is highly functional for a long time, and with careful planning they save you time and money.


The value of the apartment is increasing


Ultimately, when it comes to selling your property, choosing neutral, timeless interior design options will help significantly increase the value of your property. Although you may have to invest, the benefits and return on that investment will outweigh your initial spend due to increased traffic and customer attraction.

Taking into account the interior of your home by remodeling and incorporating the latest trends in interior design helps increase the value of your property.


Certain aspects of interior design can affect the value of a property more than others. Focus time, energy and finances on trends that add class and appeal to potential customers. Hiring an interior designer will help you turn an attractive vision into reality that attracts potential buyers!

 Time invested in designing your interior


You must have heard of the saying, time is money! Every kuna and minute counts when it comes to selling your property! We have already mentioned that selling a property with the help of a professional interior designer will be much easier and more profitable than you thought!


On average, an interior design project can last between 3-4 months. This depends on the pieces of furniture that are in stock and the availability of certain trades needed to implement the design concept, the size of the space, etc. unpredictable costs and some other factors.


For example, sometimes certain pieces of furniture have a delivery time of 12-14 weeks. One of the unpredictability that the client often does not think about is unpredictable costs such as changes in vacations by the client or the interior designer, then the time frame is extended beyond four months.

 The bottom line is that it doesn’t last a week or a weekend like we see on TV.




How much money do I have to pay an interior designer?


How much money you will ultimately give the designer depends on the amount of the project, the weight and the agreement. Also, not all interior designers charge the same for their services. However, we managed to extract some of the average prices for the area of ​​Zagreb and Croatia.


For consulting and talking with the selected interior designer, you will have to allocate HRK 350-550 per hour, and for 2-3 versions of conceptual solutions, followed by the creation of floor plans, 3D visualizations, lists and descriptions of furniture, lighting and decorations, the interior designer usually charges the project per square meter meter.


The average price of creating an interior project is HRK 200/m2. The price range is between 150 HRK/m2 and 250 HRK/m2.


What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?


Although very similar, these two professions are different.


The interior designer deals with the function of the space, the organization of the rooms, the specification of the works that are performed during the reconstruction of an interior. For example, if the interior looks cold and unfinished after hiring an interior designer – that’s because you should hire a decorator who gives the final details to the space and creates a warm, homely atmosphere from it.


The decorator chooses colors for the walls, wallpaper, furniture, textiles for furniture, curtains, carpets, works of art, decoration and fits it all into one harmonious whole, which should be the final point in the complete story of interior design and make your space a beautiful, interesting and authentic story.

The interior designer and the decorator should cooperate closely (unless they are one person – then this cooperation is even “closer”) and complement each other, so that an interior is completely decorated.