What increases the value of your property?

What increases the value of your property?

Are you thinking about buying real estate in Croatia? Are you interested in what factors affect the value of real estate? You have come to the right place! Croatia Real Estates agency will give you the best advice regarding all current events and information you may need if you decide to invest in real estate in sunny Croatia! All detailed information can be found on the Croatia Real Estates page.

Property Location

One of the most important, unchanging factors is the location of your property. Whether it is residential, commercial real estate or construction land, location will be one of the factors that will define value and price. According to standard criteria, we distinguish micro and macro locations.

The macro location defines a part of the city (neighborhood/neighborhood), while the micro-location represents the location of a property within a specific macro location (neighborhood). These two factors will be the initial conditions for the buyer’s choice of real estate. The differences between these two factors can vary and be different, which will also affect the final price.
Macro location is the primary factor when buying real estate, as it determines the buyer’s interest in real estate. For example, a buyer will be much more interested in a part of the city (neighborhood) that has a good reputation and has a high demand index, such as Gračani, Pantovčak, and parts of the Podsljemenska zone in addition to those locations that are defined as less luxurious zones such as New Zagreb or Savski Nasip. As an even more important factor, the micro-location will determine the location of the property within that neighborhood (neighborhood).

A property that is located in a desirable location in the neighborhood (such as near a park, forest, distance from a road, public transport, etc.) will have a significantly higher value than one in an undesirable part of the neighborhood (such as a property that is located near a road and is exposed to noise, at a great distance from school, kindergarten, shops, etc.).
These two factors are the initial criteria for choosing a property and are included in the immutable factors when determining the value!


Content near the property


Also, another unchanging factor when buying and determining the value of the real estate is the content near your real estate. It is the content (proximity to public transport, public institutions, public areas, etc.) that can help your real estate gain in value and price.
If your property is located near Trg Ban Josip Jelačić, where accessibility to the city’s facilities is high, the value and price will be significantly higher than if the property is located at a great distance from the city’s facilities, for example, a property in the Dugave location.


Attractive properties near yours – study the competition


If your property is located in a location rich in attractive real estate (new construction, modern building style, cultural heritage properties), it will certainly increase in value. Proximity to public buildings and modern and stylish properties increase your value.

Minimalism and simplicity


The well-known expression “Less is more” applies even when it comes to real estate sales! When selling real estate, the buyer will always pay attention to the details.

Simplicity and practicality are always indicators of longevity and quality.
A good presentation is half the job! A more practical and clear presentation concept will send a louder image than overcrowding and complexity, and will significantly affect the price of your property.

The goal of a good presentation is to leave the most impressive impression on the customer, and you will achieve this by providing the customer with quality and longevity with as few maintenance factors as possible.


Constant investment and property maintenance


Caring for your property is one of the changing factors that can increase the value of your property. By investing in the renovation and restoration of parts of your property (modernization of materials, foundations, interior, and exterior maintenance), you will ensure longevity and quality and increase the value and price of the property.

A house older than 20 years whose roof has been changed will fare much better than a house of the same age but with an old and damaged roof, installation, etc. By investing in your property, you invest in its value and sale price. With wise maintenance, you can double, if not triple, the initial price of your property depending on the modification factors.


Details and decorations


/When it comes to the interior, one of the changing factors is details and decorations. Of course, how your home looks is an extremely important factor, so your goal should be to decorate your interior as well as possible before you show it to your potential buyer! The use of modern details, furniture, and other factors ensures a desirable atmosphere and gives your buyer a picture of the home they are buying.


Quality of the furniture


If you have a showing of the house and people visit your premises, it is preferable to have good furniture. You will notice that you can use furniture as a way to improve the quality of the space and increase the chances of a sale. By combining certain materials and furniture, you will visualize for people the idea of ​​the future atmosphere of the space, and how to decorate the house when the time comes. In addition, the already furnished space adds to the quality of the space and improves the sale of your property.

Although it may be an additional expense, this kind of venture certainly ensures you better demand and higher profits. By investing in sales, you will definitely be in the plus, not in the minus!