Real estate agent – yes or no?

Real estate agent – yes or no?

When it comes to selling or buying a home, there are many questions you will come across that can give you a real headache! Don’t despair! Croatia Real Estates agency introduces you to a detailed overview of all the benefits of hiring a real estate agency! Dive into these interesting waters with the agency that is right for you and that you can trust!

Choose the right solution for you today and find out what steps to take if you want to sell or buy the desired property! Croatia Real Estates follows the latest events in ‘’Lijepa Naša’’ and provides its readers with practical information and tips when it comes to real estate!

With a successful experience in business and a professional team, one of the leading real estate agencies provides its readers with an insight into a successful business!


The role and the task of a real estate agent


When buying or selling real estate, one of the dilemmas that may come your way is exactly this. Do you need to hire a real estate agent to successfully sell your property?

First of all, the role of a real estate agency is to mediate in sales, with the aim of doing the best possible “job”, i.e. profit for one and the other side, that is, for the one who sells real estate and the one who buys it. The goal is to negotiate the best possible outcome to the satisfaction of both parties.

Authorized real estate office, Croatia Real Estates agency’s task is to meet the owner and the buyer and to enable the buyer to buy the property without potential problems.

Croatia Real Estates agency as a real estate agency is here to enable the quick and safe purchase of the desired property and to offer its experts as reliable partners on the way to their new home.


Education and skills

Real estate agencies consist of authorized agents, legal experts, and potential external collaborators who together contribute to the best possible sale of real estate on the market. Due to professional training, real estate agents have the knowledge essential for sales and marketing, legislation, market and offer, and all other factors that help you to sell/buy your real estate in the most efficient and financially profitable way.

To put it mildly, real estate agencies possess knowledge, and knowledge is power among the competition!

Among other things, real estate agencies possess exceptional negotiation skills that are essential when concluding lucrative contracts. “The agent knows what the seller’s limitations are, up to which price he is willing to negotiate, and what is the limit to which he can go so that the owner is not offended and ends the negotiations, while still achieving the lowest price for the buyer,” explains Ivan Varat, real estate consultant.

Also, it is extremely important to solve legal procedures and all forms of documentation as one of the most important parts of the procedure itself, ensuring your safe business.


The importance of real estate agents


In addition to the already mentioned factors of the importance of hiring an intermediary during sales, real estate agencies take care of pre-contracts, all articles of sales contracts, tabular statements, records of handover, registration of ownership rights in land registers, efficient transfer of utilities to the new owner so that there is no waiting in line at the counters of responsible institutions.

If you yourself are not an expert in all the above-mentioned items, the services of real estate agencies will definitely be of great value to you. In the process of buying or selling real estate, which in itself can be extremely stressful, you will be able to relax and leave everything to a professional team that will take care of everything necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

 So choose your mediation agency wisely, because trust in your mediation agent is extremely important!

How to choose a real estate agent?


Of the thousands of authorized real estate offices and agencies in the Republic of Croatia, are you wondering which one is the best for you? Overwhelmed by the multitude of choices on the market and don’t know where to turn? Don’t panic, this kind of undertaking can be challenging and not at all easy! In order to choose which real estate agent is right for you and meets all your criteria, we present three factors that can help you choose your real estate agency today!

The most important thing you should look for when you are looking for a real estate agency is a rich and extensive real estate database so that you have a large selection of different options. In this way, it will not only be easier for you to choose the ideal location, but it will also be much easier to estimate the real price, comparing the appearance, structure, and construction of the property.

Pay attention to the good reviews and demands of the respective agencies. If possible, go on the recommendation of personal acquaintances or someone who had a pleasant experience with one of the real estate agencies. Choose an agency whose agents are busy and booked with work, as this speaks to their engagement, quality, and demand.

Finally, choose a real estate agency that has successfully completed a large number of real estate sales and rentals. If you have the opportunity to choose between agencies, choose the three best in terms of the number of successful sales or real estate rentals in recent times, paying attention to the conditions prescribed by the agency.


Service prices


The price of the commission is what can initially refuse the principal to request intermediary services, therefore this is one of the more important factors. By concluding a contract on mediation in real estate transactions, the commission charged by the agencies is agreed upon, which varies from agency to agency, and generally, the amount ranges from 2 to 6.3 % plus PDV.

As a rule, this percentage is calculated from the purchase price and is charged after the sale is completed.

Before starting cooperation with the chosen agency, we advise you to communicate all the figures and details so that there are no unpleasant surprises later.