Eine moderne Interpretation einer Steinvilla mit Meerblick – Rogoznica

  • 1321 Ref
  • 3 Schlafzimmer
  • 4 Badezimmer
  • 100 m² Innenraum
  • 800 m²Land


Lage: Rogoznica

Baujahr: 2010

Renoviert: 2018

Flughafen: 25 km

Meer: 4 km

Stadtzentrum: 24 km

Etagen: 1

Innenraum: 100m2

Grundstücksgröße: 800m2

Schlafzimmer: 3

Badezimmer: 4

Schwimmbecken: 9,8×3,5m

Parkplatz: 5

Heizung: Klimaanlage

Kühlung: Klimaanlage



Dreaming of an ultra-modern house with a Mediterranean climate? If we are talking about tropical luxury on a plate, this is it! This modern yet traditional looking property is one-of-a-kind estate, located in the heart of Croatia’s most beautiful islands, Korčula. Korčula also called the Emerald Isle, is one of Croatia’s most treasured islands, and the sixth-largest island in Croatia, 20 miles long and rather narrow. Korčula is one of the islands in Central Dalmatia, the southern region of Croatia located along the Adriatic Coast. Positioned perfectly in between other island giants like Brač, Hvar, Mljet, and Pelječac peninsula makes it a premium spot to be! This island is known for its dense forest, sandy beaches, vineyards, olive groves & small villages.  Given it is the main town on the island, you’ll find that most opportunities for sightseeing on Korčula take place in Korčula Town. As we’ve mentioned, the town is known as a “mini-Dubrovnik” because its Old Town is very similar. A place of culture, history, beauty, and charm, the island of Korčula offers a variety of activities and unique traditions, all set in the stunning Adriatic and blessed by excellent Korcula weather. The city sits on the UNESCO Tentative List and is an integral part of the island’s history. Apart from all the interesting features previously mentioned, according to some biographers, Korčula is also known to be the birthplace of the infamous merchant and traveler Marco Polo.

This was originally 2010. built villa is what will make you feel like you are living a dream right in the middle of the Adriatic sea! Beautiful in its design and was newly decorated in 2018. this house is fully equipped with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. A ground-floor villa spreads over 100m2 inner space on an 800m2 plot. With the city center being just 24 km away the sea is only 4 km away. This place is easily accessible by public transportation and is more suitable for those who are on the hunt for a private type of property. Where you can enjoy the sounds of the wild, wilderness of nature and be in harmony with the nature around you. Asa true tropical escape this house gives enough diversity in its performance as it does its appearance. Modern at first look it but decorated with stone details that bring back that traditional touch, gives this estate a character of the region. So while being modernized and fully functional to modern lifestyle this place still gives that warm and local atmosphere to the overall experience. Making you feel like you are truly living your Korčula dream! We invite you to dive into this lovely area of its region by checking out this stunning property as we guarantee you premium quality estate and a long-term investment that will fulfill all of your demands for an attractive price and amazing service from our team in Croatia Real Estates! Don’t hesitate but contact us as we are eager to make all our client’s demands into reality!







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