Baugrundstück 3000 m3 – Bei Dubrovnik

  • 3000 m²Land


Standort: Dubrovnik

Stadtzentrum von Dubrovnik: 8 km

Za: 2 km

Flughafen Dubrovnik: 15 km

Größe des Baugrundstücks: 3000 m2


Welcome to the city of Dubrovnik and its stunning nature! The most prominent location on the Adriatic coast and a center of tourism for centuries. The eternal stone city is well known to be enriched with history, culture, art, and many other stunning features and will for sure be an ideal place to start your real estate journey. Ideal for those who are looking for a project property to start their real estate adventure. Indented in the sole nature surrounded by most amazing scenery and autochthone vegetation, this property is available only by car. Suitable for those who are looking for a more intimate and secluded type of property.


With Croatia Real Estate, a leading real estate agency in Croatia, you will discover some of the most attractive prices and deals from the best quality properties in Croatia. Join us today and become a new owner of this 300 m2 land just 8 km away from the city and 2 km away from the beach. Our team waits for ambitious, potential buyers who will transform this stunning property into a dream home, a long-term investment.



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