Ultramoderne Villa mit Meerblick – Zadar

1.000.000 €








m² Innenraum




Ort: Zadar

Meer: 2,5 km

Innenraum: 210 m2

Grundstücksgröße: 1000 m2



Fitnessraum: 22,8 m2

Pool: 32 m2

Parkplätze: 4


Parkplätze 4

Über Eigentum

Moderne Haus


Check out this fascinating contemporary piece of architecture that is located in Zadar, one of the most historical cities on the entire Adriatic coast. This 210 m2 property sits on a lavishing 1000 m2 land and overviews Zadar bay and its stunning region. White clean-cut stone in the combination with blue water almost looks surreal. Magnificent and stunning on the outside, the house doesn’t lack in its performance on the inside at all. This villa is fully equipped and thoughtfully styled with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. In addition to that, there is a built-in gym room that will be absolute heaven for those who are a healthy lifestyle! Now you can experience wellness from the comfotness of your own home. The house itself advocated clean and neat decor. This two-floor masterpiece of a villa is topped with only high-end house appliances to make sure your accommodation is as extravagant but simple at the same time. An interesting combination of stone materials, ultra-modern led lighting, and many other features make sure your accommodation fits the standards you are looking for. The outdoor space is simple but classy, and with that large swimming pool on a ground floor terrace, you will be able to enjoy luxurious living right here, while you will be blown away with all those stunning sunsets over the bay of Zadar. With the first beach being just 2,5 km away this place is mostly accessible by private transportation. Perfectly situated in a respectful neighborhood it is surrounded by lovely untouched nature providing you with more than enough privacy to enjoy your stay. Next to the terrace area on the ground floor, there is a small garden area, which can be used either for aesthetic or agricultural purposes depending on your preferences. With all being said this house is a truly blank canvas and has plenty of free space to upgrade whether it comes to the exterior or interior space. Versatile in its character this stunning piece of property is ideal for someone with an adventurous and creative vision. At the same time, while you are practically secluded in a lovely area, you are still close to the city center of Zadar if you want to experience all what that city life has to offer. With Zadar being under UNESCO’s heritage list you will have more than enough sightseeing to explore as this wonderful city is rich in its cultural and historical heritage. Hurry up and contact us for more information, because we from the Croatia Real Estate agency are always happy to help and make all your demands come to reality. Explore all of what this magical historical city has to offer by diving into this interresting offer!


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