Einzigartige moderne Villa in der Region Split

  • 1310 Ref
  • 4 Schlafzimmer
  • 6 Badezimmer
  • 250 m² Innenraum
  • 1885 m²Land


Ort: Kreis Split

Baujahr: 2017

Etagen: 1

Innenraum: 250 m2

Grundstücksgröße: 1885 m2

Schlafzimmer: 4

Badezimmer: 6

Heizung: Zentralheizung, Klimaanlage

Kühlung: Klimaanlage

Pool: 9 x 3 m

Parkplatz: 5





Check out this unique estate that just went up on the market! Located in Split County making it an ideal location to be at! Split know as the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city in the region of Dalmatia. Also known as a vibrant port city unique for its ancient center, beautiful architecture (under UNESCO heritage), and exquisite cuisine it is located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and spreads over a central peninsula and its surroundings. An interesting intraregional transport hub and popular tourist destination rich with all these exciting features make this location of a high estate value. Surrounded by amazing nature, multiple islands, and attractive views this is an amazing investment opportunity as Split has become the most popular epicenters for the real estate business!

This modern one-floor villa is built in 2017. and is located just outside of the city of Split. With its 250 m2, it is fully equipped with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms ready to be used! Its interior provides all modern and functional appliances, as well as central heating and air condition that will help you stay cool during those hot summer nights. Situated in a quiet and private residential area, this location is ideal for those looking for a more of private type of property as this villa is mostly accessible by car. Positioned just at the foot of the mountain you will get the most out of that fresh air and wonderful scenery of the area. On a plot of 1885 m2, there is a large outdoor space. With a comfortable size garden that is ready to be used whether, for agricultural or aesthetic purposes, there is a large parking space just at the entrance of the house, and a playground for the children. – Makes this villa ideal for a family that is searching for extra outdoor space for their kids. Because this is the right place for it! Interior style is a good merge of modern and minimalistic design. Clean and simple lines of the architectural concept give us that luxurious and sophisticated touch. Topped with stunning wooden floors, a modern lighting system decorated with white walls you will feel like you stepped into an artist exhibition almost. That minimalistic touch really leaves you feeling that the architectural constructions are lightweight. Last but not least, there is a good size outdoor lounging area topped with a small “outdoor“ kitchen space that is just on the patio, as well a billiard room that will most certainly draw your attention! Enriched with all possible amenities you could wish for this one-of-a-kind property doesn’t stop to fascinate with its performance whatsoever. Versatility in its character makes her a great spot to start your real estate investment! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about this exciting offer, as we guarantee you an amazing price for the quality, and always a helpful team from Croatia Real Estate!




Parken 5 Plätze



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Kreis Split



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