5500 m2 Stavební pozemek – Čilipi, Dubrovník

650.000 €






m² Interiér

m² pozemku


Místo: Cilipi

Letiště Dubrovník: 70 m

Velikost pozemku: 5500 m2

patra: 4

Ložnice: 25


Parkovací místo

Možná stavba: Hotel o vnitřní ploše 800 m2.


O majetku


Welcome to the most southern point in Dalmatia, and the very end of the Adriatic coastline,  Cilipi. A small charming village situated just beneath Cavtat, and 30 min away from the Dubrovnik city. A wonderful location to build your dream property! With its Mediterranean, warm climate, and stunning weather throughout the whole year, the  Dubrovnik area has been known to be one of the most attractive tourist places on the entire Croatian coastline and Croatia in general. This everlasting city is along with being the most historical and cultural center, the number one real estate place in Southern Dalmatia. This small village is known to be a less expensive neighborhood of Dubrovnik, therefore the price is lesser than how it would be up in the northern part. Making it perfect for a long-term investment!

This 5500 m2 size property is presumed to be a commercial property, therefore it’s ideal for an investor who is interested in owning a business in this area. Without hesitation, contact our Croatia Real Estate agency for more information about this stunning opportunity and become an owner of your dream estate, today!


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