Nádherná kamenná vila – ostrov Pag

1.750.000 €








m² Interiér


m² pozemku


Místo: Pag

Moře: 250 m

Centrum města: 1 km

Letiště: 30 km

Vnitřní prostor: 290 m2

Velikost pozemku: 4000 m2

Ložnice: 4

Koupelny: 3 Parkování: 6


Bazén: 75 m2

Spíž terasa zahrada


Plavecký bazén

O majetku



Welcome to the island of Pag! One of the most famous islands in central Dalmatia is widely known for its barren, moonlike landscape, lace production, and Pag cheese! Besides being the ”party island” Pag has a lot to offer! Whether you are looking for a vacation place, a second home, or a commercial property Pag will not leave you disappointed! With some of the most affordable islands in this area, this place is in a very ideal location!

Next to some of the famous neighboring islands such as Rab, Olib, and Silba give you plenty of opportunities to explore the nature and culture around!

This amazing stone house is just what you need! With its rustic look, this villa represents the atmosphere of the island! All stone tailored with green shutters, this spot could just be the idyllic escape resort you have been looking for all along! Located just 250 m from the beach and 1 km from the city center, this 290 m2 villa is situated on a 4000 m2 plot of land. With its 4 lavishing bedrooms and bathrooms, the interior is suited for those searching for true luxury on a plate!

The house’s interior is equipped with fully modernized kitchen appliances, and a sophisticated and relaxing layout making sure there is enough sunlight. The interior is furnished with high-quality pieces that truly represent the whole Pag spirit. With its interesting interior, the exterior doesn’t fall behind! There is a giant swimming pool on the terrace that serves as a lounging area. The garden is enriched with some of the autochtone vegetation, making the entire place magical and inviting!

If you are looking to find a perfect property, then we guarantee you this is your spot! With Croatia Real Estates you will find out how to become an owner of this stunning property and how to smartly invest your money and time! Come and enjoy the perks of the island of Pag this summer already!



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